Swyx Mobile versie 1.1.0 is uit

Vers van de pers:

Swyx Mobile versie 1.1.0 is uit, met veel interessante verbeteringen en uitbreidingen in functionaliteit.

Donwload hem snel in de Apple App of Google Play store.

Wat is er nieuw in versie 1.1.0

• Possibility to set own (device specific) presence status to ‘Offline’
• Display of recent events and favourites even if user is ‘Offline’
• ‘Easy configuration settings’
• Possibility to handover an existing call to other user devices
• Improved management of Swyx calls vs native GSM calls
• Improved display of user’s own presence status
• Enhancements of contact and favourite presence display
• More frequent updates of favourites, phonebook and recent call list
• Visibility if unconditional forwarding is enabled
• Insertion and deletion of favourites directly from the favourite page
• Re-allow access to local contacts
• Improved password change
• Improved display of long names
• Improvements of the ‘Settings’ page
• Improved application logging
• Stability improvements
• Bug fixes




Swyx viert een nieuw record met 750.000 gebruikers

Een nieuw record voor Swyx met 750.000 gebruikers aldus het gepubliceerde persbericht op hun site: https://www.swyx.com/company/press/press-releases/press-detail/news/detail/News/swyx-celebrates-peak-with-a-record-of-750000-users-for-its-unified-communications-solutions.html