SwyxIt!, Cisco VPN op Windows XP met 100% CPU Utilisation?

Gebruik je SwyxIt! met Cisco VPN op Windows XP en heb je last van 100% CPU Utilisation? Dan wil je onderstaande knowledgebase info zeker gelezen hebben:

The stateful inspection firewall of the Cisco VPN client is permanently active in Microsoft Windows XP (always on) and can not be turned off. Due to the firewall, ports required for the communication of SwyxIt! with the SwyxServer will be blocked, which results in 100% system utilisation.
The stateful inspection firewall can NOT be configured or disabled, but it can be omitted during the installation of the VPN client.

For details please refer to the technical documentation of the VPN client:


The command line to install the VPN client without the firewall is as follows:

“msiexec.exe /i vpnclient_setup.msi DONTINSTALLFIREWALL=1”

In Microsoft Windows Vista / Windows 7 the firewall of the VPN client is not active and the above Problem does not occur.

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